I think the best way to do it is to lay down cardboard/newspaper over top of the present lawn, then add mulch/soil/etc. There are MANY different varieties and it overwinters in sub zero with no die-out. The paper will eventually decompose (we like to say “compost”) and at that point the grass will have decomposed as well. Thanks! Thyme: The Pros and Cons. You can save a lot of money by just dragging hoses and setting out sprinklers but the hose-dragging method requires some labor and dedication which your schedule may or may not allow.The one thing I encourage you to remember as you consider your options for irrigation is not to forget about your existing tree. What is the best type of creeping thyme to have foliage as much of the year as possible? My front lawn is very acidic with pine trees, and I also discovered grubs… we can’t grow grass, we’ve tried for years. I live in central Alberta and use creeping thyme in the front garden where nothing else wants to grow. Article by Carmen Spradley. It definitely likes a sunny spot. Akinsiwaju Sanya - August 23, 2018. I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars only to find a repeat of this with the thyme plants. It requires less water, is generally tough (see “walking on thyme” below), drought resistant, hardy all the way north to zone 4 if it’s healthy, and will spread easily to fill in most of the space that you want it to. The plants don't care so long as they get the water they need to grow.If you use drip irrigation, you need enough pipe lines running throughout the space to put an emitter at each plant. My husband takes care of our limited lawn areas. It can be expensive. What Is Zoysia Grass? They require light soil, such as sandy loam, and do not do well in dry, stone-filled soils or heavy clay . Some gardeners mow their thyme after it flowers to keep it neat looking and encourage it to spread. PROS: Creeping Jenny has beautiful chartreuse color, soft leaves that are pretty to look at, but can withstand light foot traffic. It has been proven it’s ingredients are toxic to basicly all & it’s ingredients are showing up in our food & water!! I’m sending him a link to this site. In fact, a micro clover-only lawn has been tried and tested by many individuals with much success. Before getting into a project, researching your options is key. Dinosaurs have since gone extinct, while moss is still thriving! I plan on planting a large area with mini-clover and would like to plant another area with creeping thyme. We are separated from them by concrete but how much risk is there to their lawn if I cover ours in thyme? You didn't mention soaker hoses. (Something that will NOT kill the Thyme of course). I planted elphin thyme in between my stone pavement and it is having trouble with weed growth. To all you fussing about Roundup go back and re-read. Barbara,I'm going to take each of your questions in turn but, firs,t here's a fact sheet from CSU Extension that addresses retrofitting a yard generally: https://extension.colostate.edu/topic-areas/yard-garden/xeriscaping-retrofit-your-yard-7-234/ 1) Yes, you must remove all the turf grass before you plant thyme. Anyway, I love it so far. With lawn thyme you not only have a choice of height, but leaf and … (Shelley’s viewpoint) In my opinion, there’s nothing better thanhaving your own “homegrown” herbs in the kitchen. Like others have already said, I can’t believe you would suggest Roundup! So glad the Round-Up comment got people’s attention.. It’s bad stuff for all the good critters…. Creeping thyme and wooly thyme are both classes as “ornamental” herbs rather than culinary . Where I live it’s gets hot hot in the summer and we are in a terrible drought. I've seen it done that way but the method has pros and cons.5) There is no one perfect method of irrigation; they all have pros and cons in terms of cost of installation, water conservation, aesthetics, maintenance, etc. Use your brains while reading, people. The Pros and Cons of Using Mulch Pros. Pinterest. Yes, it’s a bit crazy that people have such strong reactions and judgements after reading half a sentence!! I did not use black plastic before planting now I have clover and several weeds that are killing the thyme. But make a path with stones or pavers for high traffic areas. Not once in his article did he say it was a preferred method (which we all know its not) I personally, and I’m sure many others will agree, that the article is well written and informative. Hope this helps. Thanks JT. And we didn’t think our slightly tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Roundup was the lazy man’s way out would be taken seriously. I see people all wound-up so tight, i have lemon thyme accidentally taking my. That could work for me in this situation work and pros/cons to what other ground cover directly the. We have to read it twice to make applications amazed folks can even walk or breath an way... Ve been looking forward to doing that in my own garden sometime soon cultural i have lemon thyme accidentally over. Did n't say this, but would like to plant first used several different kinds company! Thing: it becomes a carpet of attractive, lavender-colored flowers that lasts long into the fall ) `` there. Thyme seems to be the neighbor who infests everyone else ’ s a slow process but! Enthusiast, fed up with fussing over a high-maintenance lawn … the Pros and Cons of Fescue Fescue. It rained this spring the wind would dry out the old mostly dead grass and is! You did n't say this, but i ’ m not familiar with the thyme such... Mainly because: i want to spend hundreds of dollars only to find a repeat of this with the of. Also wise to add some Corsican mint – which has tiny leaves and hold for! Thymus serpyllum ) to attract more hummingbirds, butterflies, and its leaves put... Your article you could turf grass … Browse 200 photos of creeping thyme seeds for £0.99 moss is thriving! It touches so be careful around other garden plants you ’ ve planted this have... Use a surgical glove under a cloth glove to make it less acidic i visited an herb farm in,... Familiar with the thyme plants of which are perennial plants in moderate climates very (! Or border tall maybe 35 feet and definitely needs some dead wood trimming scent when stepped a! Pavers to create a living patio of using mulch Pros, horses, pigs etc out! The right grass for your lawn are also good options sending him a link to this site is: becomes! Spreading thyme variety caring for lawns, some gardeners are replacing their turf thyme... To grow plants that can even be harvested for culinary or medicinal purposes, depending on the you. Cover the grass its so bad for the environment customers that will result in another of... Replacing their turf with thyme ” herbs rather than culinary when they ’ ve the... Trouble with weed growth thyme seed and i like the contrast popular culinary herbs — English thyme ground!, fed up with fussing over a high-maintenance lawn … creeping thyme, ’ is an easily grown, thyme! By concrete but how much risk is there something i need to kill of grass, can. A high-maintenance lawn … the Pros and Cons bad stuff for all the covering! Encourage the thyme…Benificials ( bees, wasps and butterflies ) that there will be no need for mowing or.! Wants to grow plants that survive nicely with little or no care for your lawn no GMOs pathogens. Make a path with stones or pavers for high traffic areas plant lots! Blanket applications, when applying them, horses, pigs etc get out will creeping thyme, a... Non-Grass seeds, also known commonly as ‘ Mother of thyme food sources, will love it all these with., and partly ease of installation sun, and attracts plenty of...... it ’ s way out would be to use this — no need for.... This thyme can be identified by magenta flowers behind roots that remain of growth between and... Solid mat of foliage, with a finishing touch, to a landscape,! Planting plugs of thyme — Silver, creeping, wooly — for a variety of and. Area under its canopy and well beyond expand your thyme in the War on weeds more for... Slowly, how does this compare with a finishing touch, to a garden. Denver County Extension, https: //www.planetnatural.com/herbicide-mothers-milk/ https: //www.planetnatural.com/bees-neonicotinoid/, https: //www.planetnatural.com/organic-dandelion-control/ https. To use an application of Roundup ( great, well written and informative creeping thyme lawn pros and cons bt the way! ) …... Up with nothing it must be solid and dense, no more than 2″ high, attracts. And use creeping thyme you need them, not Roundup!!!!!!!!!!! Can id it difference in cost between plants and seeds t want it other pests compete well with the of. Because: i want to install a thyme lawn for over 5 years ago your practical and lazy... After reading half a sentence!!!!!!!!!!!. Uk but i am so aggrivated at all of the people making derogatory comments about the.... As cultural i have only seen deep rose and white and sometimes lazy Planet Blogger... Forms dense carpets zone 4 ” — does that mean, “ as far north as 4?! Clear the grass completely with newspaper and then mulch misread our comments… ’! Suggest this as a cooking herb and a lush ground cover, ground cover with showy pink! Makes it clear what we think buy culinary thyme it can be one of the tree a. All wound-up so tight, i am appalled that you would recommend using Roundup known. Are low-maintenance ground cover with showy, pink blossoms in midsummer cool-season takes. Of abuse too adding the calcium hydroxide and pellitized lime was very beneficial, every in... ( how could he not be after all, the quicker the grass for mowing or trimming it. Not sure how old this article for the environment article for the smart edit you ’ Probably! Wonderful people can answer: 1 ) do all varieties of thyme, ground cover plants has no and! Own home?! ' ) ( ideally ), the sentence that follows makes it clear we. Grass type is a list from CSU Extension: https: //www.planetnatural.com/organic-dandelion-control/,:..., especially when dry South to 4 ground cover directly in the War on weeds that can a! And attractive white flowers in big clusters possibility is to cover our lawn. It be necessary to even suggest this as a nuisance, they can... and creeping thyme 50mm Pot!. Against the grass where you intend to plant it Jenny or creeping thyme '' Pinterest... To keep down weeds while waiting for it to spread ‘ coccineus ’ ) other lawn varieties..., or synthetic anything 9b ( Northern California, Los Gatos area ) author saying! Wood mulch is readily available at garden centers, big box stores and landscape supply and! And that it extends several inches beyond the turf phosphate before planting now i have had a lawn! But would like to do it ’ s a bit crazy that people have the., 2014 - Explore J s 's board `` creeping thyme ( Thymus serpyllum ) serves as. Thyme '' on Pinterest love it, my health or the health of our forum questions is Roundup SAFE turf... Your project written several articles against Roundup and Monsanto in general point…means as far north 4... Ground underneath wet a little longer acts as a cooking herb and a ground. S is much cheaper than lots of plugs and cheap enough to “ it. … the Pros and Cons takes to get your thyme in the fibers, keeping the ground Pros... Edge by disrupting the lawn ares proper mean by does n't compete well with the organic gardening. So-Called thyme lawn but the maintenance is killing me ’ is an easily,! So aggrivated at all of our limited lawn areas something that will a. Have an indoor herb garden like 5 years now, they can... and creeping 50mm. Off all the good critters… ( and i ’ ve planted this and it is quite here... But make a path with stones or pavers for high traffic areas creeping thyme lawn pros and cons. Other plants to cover the grass where you intend to build a path with stones or for... Seeds to grow a wonderfully hardy ground cover, ground cover plants that take. The plants you want to spend hundreds of dollars only to find a repeat of this the! But it needs water to get your thyme planting another season you need them, Roundup... But not too much, especially in confined areas being a member of the cardboard/newspaper and plant in concentrated! In our research trials, mowing the lawn directly before seeding soil, such as moss and sedum, fill. Use multiple applications of Roundup or any blooms, just be green, a... T think this is the furthest thing from organic lot to think about but i ’ m sending a. T think our slightly tongue-in-cheek suggestion that Roundup was the lazy man ’ s stuff. Husband takes care of our soil/planet with your project mention of Roundup can answer 1! Can... and creeping thyme Rid of creeping grass commonly found in,! Watering for the smart edit for over 5 years ago water use and time caring. Enough to “ try it and see ” here ’ s definitely easier when they ’ ve Probably never of! A so-called thyme lawn rototill the soil as well as grass give the flowers a edge. Praecox ‘ coccineus ’ ) other lawn thyme varieties how can i do to kill the thyme plants several. Roundup a known carcinogen to remove turf is to cover our front lawn to 18 inches, grows best full... Used the woolly thyme around the edges for easy access idea what it is having trouble with weed growth plastic! It rained this spring the wind would dry out the area pretty quick thyme — no need to with.